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Complete Crawlspace Restoration - ''Call now and receive 10% off the total invoice"
 Why You May Need Crawlspace Repairs
       Are you buying or selling property? Do you have reoccurring allergies? Home will not pass inspection due to crawl space issues? Many problems arise and we are here to help you at Complete Crawlspace Restoration! We are locally owned and operated in Middle Tennessee. We are fully Licensed, Insured, Certified, and an Accredited Business of the BBB. We know first hand how difficult buying or selling a property can be and we are here to help ease the process. We think of every house as our own and strive to do our very best work. Give us a call so we can help resolve your problems today.
The Issues With Crawlspaces
        Crawlspaces are often hideaways for mice, bugs, snakes, and other critters who live amidst the debris that exists under many homes. Moisture from leaky pipes, sweating HVAC, and natural ground water leeches up into the wooden joists and support beams and into your home. As we all know, moisture is the sworn enemy of wood.
The worst thing of all is that moisture brings with it mold and mildew which can damage the structures of your home. It also brings about respiratory and other ailments to the members of your family - especially the infants and elderly.
How To Resolve These Issues
  • Clean out the crawlspace
  • Solve the moisture issues
  • Assess any potential damage and then
  • Properly remove all microbial growth(IICRC standards)
  • Provide a moisture barrier so that this damage will not continue
  • Restore any damaged wood to its original strength and purpose to ensure structural integrity

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